Monday, June 22, 2009

McLeod Signs with Avalanche for 3

When McLeod started to play with the Avs he caught my attention quickly and became Q's favorite skater. It makes me happy to hear that Avalanche have kept him aboard, and for that matter for three years. Amid the chaos that the Avs are causing with a coaching change [Sacco, Konowalchuk, and Deadmarsh], which I am in full support of. What will likely be a nice roster change, either due to the retirement plans of some or the horrible mistakes of not offering better contracts to others, and letting the rest go by the wayside, it will ultimately be a good thing.

The roughneck, soon-to-be labeled Enforcer, and a damn fine Forward will be around to develop into an even better skater. I don't think we'll see him wear a letter on the sweater, but I know he'll be around to be a solid skater for the Avs.

Unlike Chris Simon, who is mostly insane but a very nice brute and someone I liked for a number of years until he finally snapped, McLeod currently appears to be stable and normal and seems to be holding his own with the Avs LIKE the aforementioned insane-o. reports, "He [McLeod] was one of four NHL players with at least 15 goals and 150 PIM and became only the second player in Avalanche history to reach both marks in a single year (Chris Simon, 1995-96). McLeod led Colorado with 194 hits and shared the club lead in game-winning goals with three." I know for a fact that they omitted the rest of the article, but I have provided the piece that ended up on the floor.

They go on to say, "McLeod is known to skate daily with Munpe Q and that he takes daily hip checks from Q. While McLeod takes the checks well, he's doing poorly at teaching the one-timers to Q. Q keeps falling on his ass while shooting the puck." McLeod commented, "Q is fantastic at playing hockey, but his shooting skills have no hope. I may have to slash him multiple times on our next session." According to inside sources, Q is a fan of the multiple slashing's, reports say he has an affinity to being beat by grown men.

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