Saturday, April 04, 2009

Knock it off with the Small World Shit!

So I'm sitting here in VI chewing some viddles and I look up and see an old customer of mine from way back when.  This is the guy who used to work at the Denver Center for Performing Arts and had a bro-mance with the the Mensa guy he worked with.  

The Mensa guy had built a flat network using a containing >150 users, 100+ printers and other network devices and couldn't figure out why their network was so slow, even though the servers and other devices showed uber low network utilization.  So they insisted on removing the CAT5 and putting in CAT6 cable and going Gig to the desktop.  Um, yeah, I'm confident that didn't help.  In fact, I'm more than positive that the poor network performance only got worse.  Good old Mensa, do you really think that the people you say are brilliant are actually that smart?  Um, negative ghost rider.

Good old PJ.  He was working for Tectonic Networks and wanted to flatten out the network to match the DCPA.  Mind you we a hub and spoke VPN topology and a rack in a colo, but he wanted all networks to be a  He had no idea of why he wanted to do this, it's just the dumb world he lived in.

Good times.  Live strong PJ and Mensa guy.

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