Friday, March 27, 2009

March blizzard and the need to drive in it...

This was a joy yesterday around 2:00.

As I'm sitting waiting to go up this "hill" I had to get out of the truck and knock the ice off of the wipers.  As you do when there is ice on it, it's not uncommon to simply hit it against the windshield; right?  So I did.  On the third time the funniest thing (read: frustrating) that happened was that the wiper broke and instantly flew across the truck's hood and landed way on the other side of the lane I was in.  I got mad at first and then giggled.  I had to pull over and switch the blade from the passenger side to the driver's side.  Got back into the truck and ended up behind this chick's truck (pic above).  She couldn't drive this thing up the hill for two reasons.  1) she sucked at driving 2) everyone else was in her way.  

I got so fed up with sitting there and watching her squirrel around that I drove up close to her and after the initial bump which caused her to do the standard "WTF?" with her hands, I get out and tell her "I'm pushing you up the hill, cause all these assholes are fucking it up for the rest of us."  So I barely push the gas and away we go.  Just plowing through the cars that are stuck in the snow.  It was a glorious win for the Q and his new bad-driving-friend-in-the-truck-ahead.

For a view as to where we were, I've included the following map.  Please enjoy, it's on the house!

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