Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Super Slacker + Super Rant

Super slack indeed. I only know 2 people that really read this shit, and a third that only peruses this shit when I call him a pimp.

I've found it very difficult to write when the people that read the blog I end up talking about shit with anyway.

I used to get creative about it and the biggest mistake was putting on Google Analytics and finding out just how many people I am not reaching.

I recently gave up on being stuffy about my cell phone choice. I've classically done the thing where the phone / PDA should be about work if that's what you are in to. I've been big on the Blackberry scene for years. But when I got out of the full time IT consulting world and got the job over at ISP I work at now, I thought I needed to maintain email connectivity. But the ridiculous amount of email being sent around internally was over the fucking top. To the point that I would have a day off and would find myself waking up and looking at the Blackberry and responding to emails in bed. On my day off. 


I found out recently via /. that Sprint added a $0.99 admin fee to their contract which allows people to get out of their contract within X number of days. It was time for me to make my move and avoid the $200 early disconnect fee. I went and bought the freakin' iPhone and I have to say that I rather enjoy it. And what's more, it's more inline with business than the Blackberry (for me) since I can get a SSH client and a RDP client, so minimally I can get into any number of devices or servers as long as I have access to them.

Anywho. I also decided to see how I would use Twitter. So I'll try and keep that updated. If you are on Twitter, make sure to let me know.


What else...

I have to go to Laredo the first week in March. At least it won't be hot. And the even bigger bonus is that I won't have dry socket combined with Bronchitis like I did with my last trip to Laredo. That, my friends, was misery. The only saving grace is the awesome red beans and rice that I could get from Pope Yes.

B is out the door on Sunday for a week so the party is at my place when she leaves.  Actually, I have Monday off from working nights this week at the WB and I am going to do a favor for FiF
and work the maintenance window that night.  How nice is that of me?  He is going on a road trip with his room mate who drives a truck.  All I can say is that I better fucking receive a kick ass Truck Stop gift from his ass.

I'm listening to Sirius radio on the Internet right now, and the freakin' EAS Test came on.  I've always found that to be creepy.  It always reminds me of in some ways to EVP , at least from when I was a kid that's how I related to it.  

Speaking of EVP, people say not to do EVP detection in your own house.  I actually think that is a good idea.  Even if it's bullshit, or you can trick your mind into thinking you heard something, you will ruin your time in your house forever when you do that.  That is of course if you are a normal human, wherein you aren't sad all of the time.

Ok, I'm done for now.  I'll work harder on more posts. 

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