Thursday, June 19, 2008

You know that car I wanted...

The Honda FCX Clarity which is run off of Hydrogen gets me worked up because I personally want a new car with very little need for petroleum products, especially gasoline.

The cool ideas of running a vehicle off of water (HHT Gas and igniting salt water with high frequency RF) seem to be kick ass but they need to figure out how to handle the heat produced. I want one. I really like my car but I want to be a responsible Earth citizen and drop my carbon emissions. I'll never be accused of being a tree hugger, but I do feel like it's a good thing to get off of the oil.

So I had high hopes of getting a new car in the future that is sans oil. But then my hopes were dashed by Mr. Fukui (no fukui jokes please!):

"Mr. Fukui said the cars cost several hundred thousand dollars each to produce, though he said that should drop below $100,000 in less than a decade as production volumes increase. In the meantime, the car company will be effectively subsidizing its customers, who will lease the vehicles for $600 a month. "

I look forward to the $99,999.98 MSRP price tag WAC.

Also, my least favorite actress, the herm known as Jamie Lee Curtis bought one of the first few out of production. All I want to do is save the planet a little, all she wants is to have a hydrogen car to carry both sets of genitals around. Dammit.

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