Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Off Limits

As seen on an Army website for personnel stationed in Alaska:


Off Limits to Military Personnel

Mr. Rock & Roll, Mr. Rock & Roll 2 and the Sunset Strip are off limits permanently to all military personnel, at the direction of the commanding generals of Fort Wainright and Eielson Air Force Base . (Sunset Strip is closed, but remains on the off limits list.)

Lee's Oriental Massage is off limits at the direction of the chair and co-chair of the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board (FWA & Eielson commanders). This is a temporary situation, pending a review and decision by the Army and Air Force commanding generals to place it permanently off limits.


Can't a working man just rock out and then go for a rub and a tug? There's just no justice in this world! Thanks B for the link.

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