Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Homage to Curly

Please, I dare you to say you didn't like The Three Stooges.

Better yet, tell me you didn't like it when they created a game of The Three Stooges.

When I was a kid I loved watching these guys. It clearly influenced me a bit. One of the most memorable scenes for me of The Three Stooges comes from the episode titled "Dutiful but Dumb":

In it Curly ends up in a cafe (in a country called Vulgaria) ordering Oyster Stew. Curly keeps putting in crackers in the stew and the oyster/clam keeps eating it. It's a funny episode, check it:

So some how during my awesome childhood I ended up with The Three Stooges game. I played it on my mom's old Tandy T1000 (that I still have today up on the shelf for 'decoration').

Good times.

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Bird said...

I like it because you hardly ever see the stooges alone. Or, at least I hardly ever did. I would kill for one of those hats and the ability to bark and growl at my soup like curly.