Sunday, September 24, 2006

Support Them!!!

I hate to get all serious on everyone, but this one hits pretty close to home (literally).

My little brother signed up for his THIRD tour in the U.S. Navy. On his past two trips, he's been 500 miles off-shore, on a huge aircraft carrier, directing planes on the flight deck. Not exactly a keg party, but still not 'in the line of fire' so to speak.

On this tour, he's offically in the shit. He flew out of the U.S. on 9.11.06 (nice touch, eh?), and then did a couple of hops to his destination: North Baghdad.

Now, don't any of you get political on me or I'll whip your asses like it's a ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

No matter what you think about this conflict or any others, the one thing you should do is support what the men and women are doing. They are there under orders, doing a job. A job that's necessary so you can sit on your ass and read this.

Support them before they go.
Support them while they are there.
Support them when they return home.

That's not a lot to ask.

You can praise or bash the country leaders and higher-ups all you want, but please be a human fucking being and support our troops.

For a little dose of what it's like being "there", check out these pics:

His bunk (aka "hooch").

Another shot. He shares the room with another guy.Not too bad on the inside, eh? Just wait...we're getting to the good part....

Out the front door.
Note the lovely sandbag planters.

Here's the gate to the yard.
Anyone remember the movie 'King Kong' (the good one, with Jeff Bridges)? "It's not what they're trying to hold in. It's what they're trying to keep out!"

The front yard.
Not a lot of mowers there.

There's my brother.
I wouldn't trust him with a bagel and the Navy gives him a gun (two actually!)

And here he is "in action" on his way to check for bad guys.

I'm not asking for prayers or money or anything like that.
Just think about what he and the other folks are doing, FOR YOU, the next time you begin typing.

Thank you.

Friday, September 08, 2006

You Smell Like a Monkey...

And You Look Like One Too....

Happy Birthday to Our Friend Flicka.


Our Friend Munpe Q

Wednesday, September 06, 2006