Friday, June 23, 2006

Sorry is the Hardest Word

Ok, granted there are pinheads in this world. I come across these asshats everyday.

But I honestly didn't expect myself to be one.

Dateline 6/22/06,
location: Adolini's Bar & Grill, Golden
Mission: To put on one badass rock show with your friends and brothers.

My band was scheduled to play at this bar, and maybe even get it record and mastered onto DVD. Cool huh?

Well, let me first explain that is was known from the beginning, This was a non-paying gig. We were ok with that. This also was a 'to get exposure' kind of a thing.' We were ok with that. We were scheduled according to their web'space' and my friend, who got us the show. We were cool with that to..

The Scheduled Line Up:
8 PM an acoustic singer/songwriter accompanied by a couple of my bandmates. COOL
9PM One of my bandmates (his band composed of him/me/ and our drummer... COOL.
10PM me and all my boyz rock out VERY COOL.

8pm came and went, apparently since the 'sound man' (we'll call him asshat#1) just didn't seem to be in much of a hurry. Well, he finally gets The guys on and they play. Now, for the record, despite the tardiness, they actually SOUNDED really damn good. Mainly because they are very talented, but also because the sound guy mixed them good.

9pm group actually gets on at about 10. Now here's were it gets stupid. Asshat #1 vanishes. I'm onstage to play bass, already set up, and so are the otherguys. The keyboardist from MY band is getting concerned because the folks who came out to see us are starting to LEAVE. He approaches me, I had no idea where Asshat#1 is. He goes to look. He's back in no less than 1 minute to tell me "That sound guy is a total fucking asshole!" Of course I think "WTF?" No sooner than he walks to his table, a couple of 'patrons' (guys I never met) are giving me an 'ugly kid joe' while walking out, saying :

"We wanted to hear you play, but it's fucking late."

Ok, so by now I am begging tto think that there is a problem.

No. Wait.

The soundguy walks in right after the 'joes' leave saying "Anybody else have a fucking problem with me?"

Ok NOW there' s a problem.

Now Here's the part were I turn into an asshat. (Asshat #2) ME: "Nah man, just wanna get the show on, y'know. Some of the folks that showed are leaving. "

Asshat#1: "well we are here to record a fucking TV show, and the bands get recorded when they get recorded. I ain't gonna put up with no shit from assholes off the street. Now as soon as I'm ready, WE'RE ready."

Now, you might be saying "WTF!" and 'why didn't you beat the living shit outta AssHat#1 right there and then?'

That's why I am Asshat#2.

But wait it gets even better. (or worse)

We play, and from the stage it was good. Real Good. Hell, I almost forgot about all the BS from before it was so good.
We end our set and now for MY BAND:

It's somewhere between 11:45pm and 12:15 AM. We are finally set up we are linechecked and by this time My guitar player and my keyboard player are ready to grab their shit, say FUCK THIS SHIT, and go home. I give them my pep talk before we go on, I tell them that no matter what has happened, or will happen, we came to play, we are going to make history right here, right now, let do it.

And we played, probably one of our best shows, Not perfect, but we brought it.

And it was captured on DVD. For all time, forever.

and so was Asshat#1, bitching in between a couple of songs about the Keyboard pushing too much signal killing the mix. This wouldn't have been a big deal, but remember: Asshat#1 is a total fucking asshole.

We actually get things sorted, the mix is fixed, everything sounds kosher.
Cue Asshat#2 (Me): "Now that we've got the sound fixed can we get a bit more of the keyboard in the monitors?"
Yeah, I got HUGE balls,

Balls of Cotton.

We bang out the rest of our set. We actually put on a damn good show. Everybody there, (including all asshats) were pleased with it. Even took home a $150 (yup that's right) DVD to show for it. Hell, a few of the songs were never recorded before this and now we've got 'em. I can finally send that song I wrote for my dad, on DVD, full blown.

OK... so
WTF is my point?

I could have stood up for my brothers, but I didn't. I could have said a million things to defend my band, friends and my family, I could have even just said "FUCK THIS SHIT AND FUCK YOU, WE'RE LEAVING."

But I didn't. And I fell like a total shit ass for it.

Yeah, we got a great performance on video, but at what cost? Was it really worth it? What would have been a better thing to do?

I may be overanalyzing shit, but then, isn't that the point of this blog?

Now, for the part I feared. I sent an email to one of my friends, and I told him the hardest thing I could say:

I'm Sorry.

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