Friday, June 16, 2006

The Facilities

Recently I visited the head in the office. And OMFG was I instantly angered. Some nut sack left their Taco Bell jammed in the one goddamn toilet we have. On top of this, that crack head apparently had an additional Burrito Supreme or 4 extra tacos because it was not going anywhere.

As I cleared the problem and sat to have my own personal experience, I decided that this was one time that was not going un-noticed. See, I have had to clear the muddy waters before, but the fact that I had to become a freakin' plumber was -enough- ! It was time to send the email from the handy dandy notebook (aka Blackberry) to most of the male staff during this time period, while launching the escape pods.

Here for your enjoyment is that very email:


Who ever was the last to use the 'facilities' to 'drop some packets' you left that 'connection open and there was limited bandwidth for traffic flow'. This would be the second time I have had to 'close a connection to that socket' and the first to 'forcefully end that session by use of additional tools'. I would seriously recommend that you 'monitor the status of your packet flow to ensure proper connectivity so the proper destination is achieved'. If I personally have to 'monitor and close sessions' like this again I will probably go a little nucking futs about it.

Your friendly neighborhood watch commander,

Munpe Q


A recommendation from Wordicus:


Maybe we have a bandwidth problem. Should we "route some traffic" through the "women's facility" instead? Perhaps a little "load balancing" is in order...


As it turns out, this trend has no end. As reported by Pile:


I just ran into some nasty UDP that was lost in transit. The sender didn't check the TTL and caused a nasty buffer overflow.


Shortly there after I had a verbal confirmation from Bulldog that he was not to blame, I knew this, and that he was kind enough to report that he had indeed had a SYN > ACK. I asked to ensure the socket was closed that he received a FIN, and in fact he did. Good for you Bulldog.

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