Monday, June 26, 2006

Did I Say That Out Loud?

When I get wrapped up in work or something that really has my attention I tend to also randomly say things in my head about what I'm doing or what I'm thinking while balls deep in my task.

I have been known to say things randomly and without care about whatever is on my mind. But sometimes, there are those moments where I'm having a private moment internally about the thing with the two heads and the Astroglide and the lions whip and the giant Fantasy Swing with the cute red head.

Ok, see that's what I'm saying. I get going and then I pop my own bubble due to fear that I have just said some shit out loud.

Now, for those monkey's that know me, this is so far removed than my normal day to day stuff, where I will randomly throw a curve ball in the mix if we're going at it. I'm talking about the kind of thing that happens where I could have someone sitting there talking to me at my desk, and I'm still wrapped up in work, but I'm kind of conscience to what is being said, and then I pop off with, "Goddamn Granola Crunch is killing my bee hives" or some shit. And people go, um, ok.

Well, anyway, I officially think that this is a fear of mine. To just say something that is on my mind without realizing that I did and to have people over hear me. I will say just about anything about myself for those who wanna know. -Just- about anything. Not all. I gotta have something for myself, and it's those bits that might get out that make me nervous. But sadly it's nothing that interesting, I haven't killed anyone in the clergy nor should I be considered a second suspect along side O.J. I just got some goods I want to keep all to my lonesome.

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