Saturday, March 18, 2006

South Park Can Eat It

You know, I give a large phuck in the arse about what people do in their free time, be it praying to their favorite Hoola Hoop Rock star on High, finding a recently missing now newly found Gawd, or becoming a professional Pornographer. Hell, I'm even in favor of making fun of the aforementioned folk and anyone in between.

But that's where my hypocrisy knows no boundaries.

Let me just say to Trey Parker & Matt Stone.

Please shoot yourself in the face.

I'm pleading with you.

Recently Isaac Hayes (Check it) pulled out and dropped his proverbial load all over the wonderful bag of shit known as South Park (SP). He claims to have had enough of the religious bigotry and intolerance. Sure, fine, whatever just grab a mic and STFU. Intolerance is subjective, and I certainly know that SP goes beyond most people's acceptable limits of intolerance, however, there are the people who can't seem to live knowing people believe in a higher power (not turbo charged diesel engines). If you don't think so, then you're just an intolerant asshole and for that, a congratulation goes out to you. SP is in the headlines (Check it) with Tom Cruise & Co., the now de facto leader of the Hubbard clones.

On with my plea. You two fucking untalented hacks, you fucking opportunistic bags of shit, you pole smokin' sell outs, you leached on the backs of people who you were able to bull shit your way into helping you, then turn around and fuck them, over and over again. And in your amazing coke hazed LA lifestyle, you somehow are able to sleep soundly. I guess it must be easy when you don't have any type of conscience.

So, I guess I just wanted to invite you to put the double-barrel under your chin, toe on the trigger, take one more pull from your bong and a couple of more lines and then kick the shit out of that gun.

Geez. So much anger, eh? Hey, I like cartoons as much as the next immature adult, but seriously, SP? Hell no. A couple of Boulder CU stoners make it good, and fucking walk on the backs of everyone who helped them for a dollar. Fuck you Trey and Matt.


The Professor said...

Quite the rant. Who fucked who here?

Hayes has known for almost 8 years what this duo is about. Week after week the episodes remark on social commentary, politics, pop culture, and yes, religion. While many of us believe that some uber being(s) watch over us, others subscribe to the notion that religion is indeed the opiate of the masses, and that the stupidity of religion is thus up for criticism. The show's takes on religion have been going on forever, especially of Christiantity and Judaism, which Hayes didn't seem to have an issue with when he was collecting his paycheck.

Now Shaft gets all bent out of shape because the Hubbardites get called out. He should have been anticipating this for quite some time - if he hadn't he's just a stupid asshole and a congratulations should go out to him. To say that South Park is intolerant of religion is like saying they are intolerant of politicians, homosexuals, Hollywood, environmentalists, handicaps, the obese, lawyers, and even Talking Shit.

Now, I understand that often times humans are idiots and emote. Issac "Stinky Britches" Hayes may have believed that if he didn't resign, his "Thetan" level may have diminished. Publically he could have left for other reasons (my dog is sick, I'm getting a sex change, I need to spend more time with my family), and moved happily along, instead of spooging on the people that employed him the past 8 years. Yeah I know - he's been singing mediocre albums and acting in such films as "Dr. Dolittle 2," the remake of "Shaft," "Reindeer Games," and other pieces of high quality entertainment.

South Park didn't become famous because of Issac Hayes; Issac Hayes became famous to a lot of young GenXers because of South Park.

You are correct about the leach. You just misidentified the parasite.

Munpe Q said...

I've identified the monkeys correctly, if only you had an idea of the history would you be able to correct me.

the professor said...

Interesting. The first half asserts that your position is indeed the correct one, but the latter states that I would be able to correct said position *if* I knew the entire history of the dillemna.

An obvious contradiction.

Merely stating "if I only knew the history" does not rebut any of the aforementioned points, although at this juncture I'm not exactly sure what your stance is as the previous statement had more inner conflict than Sybil's 16 personas.

Munpe Q said...

Thank you Dr Phil for your input.

The only thing that is obvious is that you feel more comfortable arguing a retarded point about a fucking rediculous cartoon and a couple of hacks than you do about anything of substance. This is nothing more than a rant and should be taken as such. The only inner conflict I have now is my colon trying to hold back the load of pudding that this comment has assisted in creating.