Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bullets and Daisies

Mega Mex has been assimilated into the blogger lifestyle. He opens up with the Bullets and Daisies story. Look for the link to the right.

Daisies, as it turns out, are my favorite flower. And no, I don't have a vagina. I just like the GD flowers, k? So cram it in your cram hole.

Bullets are, by some weird mystery, my favorite accelerated projectile to fire down range in the hopes of getting a good grouping in the mass of the silhouette, or in the body mass of your favorite B&E suspect in the living room of your favorite home. I like the idea of lots of favorite things.

Anyway, I'm done.

Off to the Land of Entrapment tomorrow. Anything else that comes along is fair game, such as Andre the Giant's poop snake, or a large woman named Frances or Julia, neither of which I have any prior knowledge of, dig it?

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