Wednesday, February 08, 2006

There's No Such Thing as Bad Press...

New marketing slogans for religion.

Please practice religion responsibly.

Don't blindly follow an imaginary friend and drive.

Finish your religion. There are starving atheists in Africa.

That frosty religious sensation.

The religion so good it's bad.

Religion is a curable condition.

The religion that made Milwaukee jealous.

Religion. Reach for Greatness.

It's RELIGION. Hooray religion!

As a side bar, I'd recommend that we develop an investment portfolio for naturally forming glass in the Middle East. When there is the great impending nuclear exchange that will wipe out the rediculous amount of ignorant and blind people over there, all that will be left is a glass parking lot just waiting to be harvested. Let's hop on board before it's too late...

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