Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Every Other Line

B: I see the flower but I wonder, can it see me?

M: Running naked backwards in a corn field is likely to end my anal virginity.

B: I hear you scratching but I really just dont care. Your shit does too stink...

M: Masturbating with 1 liter plastic products is not recommended.

B: Who drew a picture of their intestines all over my schematic?

M: You don't have to bend over to get my attention, I'll give it to you just the same.

B: After a month at the post office, you arent nearly as skunky as I thought you would be.

M: Normally, Catholic priests should not be asking for swimsuit photo auditions.

B: I shall gladly work for the Tool King; but only if he calls me the Duchess of Spackle.

M: My hair stylist, like my hair, finally recommended not coming back.

B: After 7 years I have finally worn away the crotch in my underwear: homemade crotchless panties!

M: The reference to Beef-A-Roni in 1992 was my only attempt to be famous.

B: The brain is empty.

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