Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Corporate Fucks

Fuck corporate fucking beaurocratic passive agressive lazy shills...

Does it seriously fucking take 6 people, 25 minutes, on one fucking conference call to attempt to establish a VPN tunnel between two locations? Fuck no it doesn't.

Does it take the same amount of people, the same amount of time, on said fucking conference call only to receive some stupid fucking shitty word document that contains information that I could have vomited over the phone in 5 minutes? Fuck no it doesn't.

Does it take 20 hours to troubleshoot a VPN tunnel? Fuck no it doesn't.

Should it take 2-3 days to configure this tunnel? Fuck no it shouldn't.

I hate you fuckers, all of you, who get in the way of progress for the sake of making sure your shitty little word document gets distributed as if it were laced punch in some small South American township. You fucks!


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