Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fun with arrhythmia...

The ticker has been reliable up until now.

Now, I feel like I have a fucking anxiety attack all of the time. I know, I already have an appointment so no preaching. A week is long enough to see it go away, and when it hasn't, then hop on in to see the doc, so I'm going in tomorrow.

I'm down to 12 oz. of caffeine a day, just to avoid the fucking withdrawals. Plenty o' water has been on the menu. Last night, I was feeling so worked up while driving, that when I got to the mall, I was speed walking (literally) trying to wear myself down because my heart was racing like mad. After a good, hellacious, walk, I was a bit calm. Then my legs caved in on me. I could barely sleep last night.

So, now here I sit working on finding serenity as to prevent a premature death. My heart is going ape shit. I have that crazy feeling in my throat, as if I've been scared shitless but all I'm doing is blogging.

Reference #1

Arrhythmias are disorders of the regular rhythmic beating of the heart. They're common - as many as 2.2 million Americans are living with atrial fibrillation (one type of rhythm problem). Arrhythmias can occur in a healthy heart and be of minimal consequence. They also may indicate a serious problem and lead to heart disease, stroke or sudden cardiac death.

Well kids, I'm off for another fun filled evening of no alcohol, no pepsi, and no kama sutra.

The Thai food today was very good though. I even had him throw in extra tofu. Best part about asking for more tofu, is not getting the extra tofu you asked for. Fekkers.

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