Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Trying to, wanting to write....

feeling something inside me that wants to get out but cant. There's no way to let it out.

lack of capitalization makes me feel like e.e. cummings *I laugh*

what is it? can it hurt me?

these are the days that never end...yearning to be somewhere else makes for long days.

where you ask? in pudding......

happy now?

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A Lesser Grace said...

Thank you for summing things up. Sorry I was gone- longwinded weeks left me without words, and without wanting to consumate any type of formality with my computer.
Besides- the words are so backed up- they don't want to come out in any particular order. I can't even make any sense of it all myself.
Bits and pieces..... capital leters are over-rated. I just use them out of habit.