Friday, November 18, 2005

Pork and Beans

As a child, I loved eating pork and beans straight from the can. Luke warm or even cold from the frig from the night before. It was just damn fine.

Now, I can't do it.

Is it wrong to giggle when you say pork and beans? As an adult, shouldn't I have already shed the sophomoric humor of my teens? When I hear pork and beans, I think of my friend, 'the junk'. aka Mr Happy, aka Monkey Pole, aka The Rod and Reels.

Have a good night where ever you are...


A Lesser Grace said...

Psst- being a grown up only means you have to laugh about this stuff either 1) quietly to yourself 2) under the influenece of alcohol 3) heavily sleep deprived.
Never was too much of a pork and beans gal-
I ate sweet corn straight out of the can though.....
no one's perfect.
I'm over it.

- Meg

pdp said...

I use to be able to eat hot dogs raw, can't now though.