Sunday, November 20, 2005

The creativity has ceased...

My brain has essentially collapsed inward, a bit of the ol' mental implosion. I cannot for the life of me think of anything to freakin' eat up more database / disk space on these power consuming monsters known as servers. The average web server sucking down about 1 Amp at run time and in production 24X7, the cooling requirements for 50 of these goddamn things, then the network gear, the switch alone has to be (under assumption) a decent piece of hardware, unless of course you shitheads at Google are running some crap hardware for your network. Routing gear, load balancing gear, security gear such as firewall's (minimally two of them for high availablility, and please don't tell me your using a goddamn PIX) and intrusion detection / prevention. The list can go on.

And for what? Just so people like me can make clever and witty comments, to work on displaying my weak and overrated English grammar, to hopefully have my vomit of thoughts available so I can secretly wish someone actually read this, excluding of course my friends that I make read it.

Eh. Whatever. Somehow I just got bitter.


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pdp said...

Trust me this stuff is worth reading.