Monday, October 31, 2005

Musical Associations

You have told me a handful of times that you associate music with events that happen in your life.

Today, when I hung up the phone with you, I was listening to Audioslave. The song Be Yourself started playing after I turned the radio back on, because I had turned the radio off when I was talking to you.

How poignant those lyrics are. It is honestly frightening sometimes when a song can be on point where problems or experiences currently exist. This was my experience this afternoon.

I have memories of other times from songs I love, specifically Chevelle, the song The Red. I was in the throws of being divorced, terribly rejected, and couldn't see through the fog. When I hear that song all I have is instant feelings of anger and extreme sadness, but I refuse to not listen to it because it's a great band and albums. It's like you said, when you really wanna feel down and out. The Red gets me there everytime.

The first time I heard Jane's Addiction was in Ruidoso, NM, at a condo that my aunt had. I was standing in the parking lot with a friend I made while we were staying there. I was blown away. But the funniest memory about it at the time was how confused I was about how Perry Farrell looked. In the album art of Nothing's Shocking, he looked to me (at the time as a young'n) like a woman, but I knew he was a man. Very odd for me at that time...

Go find and read the lyrics, when you can, for Be Yourself. That song for me today is dark and light in the same moment.

I miss you already, and I can't help it.

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