Friday, October 28, 2005


Disclaimers are good for a lot of reasons. To inform you of things that have occured or a reaction that will occur from an action that you might perform.

For instance, yesterday I was driving behind a car, a Black VW Rabbit convertible. This vehicle contained one passengar and the driver. The driver appeared to have a hat on, a small Fedora, and the passenger seemed to have an interesting hair style, the trendy bed-head. This as seen from the rear. I'm telling this a bit out of order, but that's why I'm me and not H. G. Wells.

So, the back of this car has a wonderful disclaimer, making it a clear warning of the driver's intentions:


Certainly you would naturally assume that this was a standard bumpah stickah, but it's not. It was also not the individual letters you go out and pick up at your fav local hardware store. Someone was very serious about making this particular message clear. They went to someone to have each letter cut out from a plotter and placed neatly on the bumper of the car, centered horizontally and vertically. It was overall a nice sticker implementation.

Now I'm in the right lane and my temporary friend in the rabbit is in the left. We are both doing 50 down Parker. Up near the Thai place, the light turns yellow. And holy fucking shit, the guy begins to slow down and stop, though he could have easily run the light. Good man, good man.

Light turns green, off we go.

I move up in the lead, and flip the blinker on and get in the left lane. I see the guy comin' up behind me. He is headed for the turn lane to make the left at Iliff.

What's this? No blinker? No indication that he really wants to make that left? Nope. It is mandatory that you obey his rules, however, general traffic -LAWS- are obviously optional for him.

This is what I have to say to my now defunct Fedora friend. F you ma man, F you...

*Note: F you ma man is not in reference to his Fedora.

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