Monday, October 31, 2005

Musical Associations

You have told me a handful of times that you associate music with events that happen in your life.

Today, when I hung up the phone with you, I was listening to Audioslave. The song Be Yourself started playing after I turned the radio back on, because I had turned the radio off when I was talking to you.

How poignant those lyrics are. It is honestly frightening sometimes when a song can be on point where problems or experiences currently exist. This was my experience this afternoon.

I have memories of other times from songs I love, specifically Chevelle, the song The Red. I was in the throws of being divorced, terribly rejected, and couldn't see through the fog. When I hear that song all I have is instant feelings of anger and extreme sadness, but I refuse to not listen to it because it's a great band and albums. It's like you said, when you really wanna feel down and out. The Red gets me there everytime.

The first time I heard Jane's Addiction was in Ruidoso, NM, at a condo that my aunt had. I was standing in the parking lot with a friend I made while we were staying there. I was blown away. But the funniest memory about it at the time was how confused I was about how Perry Farrell looked. In the album art of Nothing's Shocking, he looked to me (at the time as a young'n) like a woman, but I knew he was a man. Very odd for me at that time...

Go find and read the lyrics, when you can, for Be Yourself. That song for me today is dark and light in the same moment.

I miss you already, and I can't help it.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bird Flu

It's been confirmed as of yesterday that I have a strain of bird flu.
I am admittedly scared at this point, I don't know what to do or how to react all of a sudden. Here's my brief research I've done thus far.

What are the symptoms of bird flu?

Bird flu can cause a range of symptoms. Some report insomnia, high blood pressure, loss of appetite, trouble breathing, weakness [mostly around the knees], the inability to speak coherently, fear and paranoia [in most cases we found this as being a result of trying too hard], and occasionally symptoms have included constant flashbacks and incapacity to concentrate which indicates a very high possiblity of a mental cramp. Of these last symptoms, the treatment seems to be time and pain management.

How is bird flu treated?

Studies done in laboratories suggest that the treatments approved for this type of infection should work in cases of bird flu. However, some can become resistant to these treatments, so these treatments may not always work. Additional studies are needed to prove the effectiveness of these treatments. Early signs of laboratory treatments seem to have a positive indication that the treatments are mostly effective, though the control conditions for the studies are impossible to maintain, so once again treatment may only be time and pain management.

What is the CDC recommending for me?

They won't return my calls.

I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do about the symptoms even?


Friday, October 28, 2005


Disclaimers are good for a lot of reasons. To inform you of things that have occured or a reaction that will occur from an action that you might perform.

For instance, yesterday I was driving behind a car, a Black VW Rabbit convertible. This vehicle contained one passengar and the driver. The driver appeared to have a hat on, a small Fedora, and the passenger seemed to have an interesting hair style, the trendy bed-head. This as seen from the rear. I'm telling this a bit out of order, but that's why I'm me and not H. G. Wells.

So, the back of this car has a wonderful disclaimer, making it a clear warning of the driver's intentions:


Certainly you would naturally assume that this was a standard bumpah stickah, but it's not. It was also not the individual letters you go out and pick up at your fav local hardware store. Someone was very serious about making this particular message clear. They went to someone to have each letter cut out from a plotter and placed neatly on the bumper of the car, centered horizontally and vertically. It was overall a nice sticker implementation.

Now I'm in the right lane and my temporary friend in the rabbit is in the left. We are both doing 50 down Parker. Up near the Thai place, the light turns yellow. And holy fucking shit, the guy begins to slow down and stop, though he could have easily run the light. Good man, good man.

Light turns green, off we go.

I move up in the lead, and flip the blinker on and get in the left lane. I see the guy comin' up behind me. He is headed for the turn lane to make the left at Iliff.

What's this? No blinker? No indication that he really wants to make that left? Nope. It is mandatory that you obey his rules, however, general traffic -LAWS- are obviously optional for him.

This is what I have to say to my now defunct Fedora friend. F you ma man, F you...

*Note: F you ma man is not in reference to his Fedora.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Beer for Lunch?

Yes dammit, I say yes. Especaially after the week we have had.

A tall 90 was in order and by Bob it was gonna happen. Pile had a Guiness, and the other boys had a Red, cause they're cheap phucks, but I hear it was decent.

That is all.


"He Wants You"

In his boat and through the dark he rowed
Chained to the oar and the night and the wind that blowed
Horribly 'round his ears
Ooh hoo hoo

Under the bridge and into your dreams he soars
While you lie alone in that idea-free sleep of yours
You've been sleeping now for years

And he wants you
Yes he wants you
He is straight and he is true
Ooh hoo hoo

Beneath the hanging cliffs and under the many stars where
He will move, all amongst your tangled hair
And deep into the sea
Ooh hoo hoo

And you will wake and walk and draw the blind
And feel some presence there behind
And turn to see what that may be
Oh, babe, it's me

And he wants you
Yes he wants you
He is straight and he is true
Ooh hoo hoo

And he wants you
And he wants you
He is straight and he is true
Ooh hoo hoo

Thanks for this song B.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Negra Modelo, you break my heart

I am trying to get to your sweet sweet dark ale goodness but two things stand in my way. The round dull gold cap. I twist and pry with an old opener...success! A quick drink after a long night...what is that? Gold flecks in my mouth. I scratch and peel but the glue holds tight. What is this glue??!!

I have to pour you into a glass. It breaks my heart because there is nothing quite like a long pull from the bottle.

gold white whale.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Obey Gravity, it's the law.

Alright, so I thought it was clever for a little while, but now I'm over it.

To see, jam your stupid little mouse here.

Hi, I'm Bird, and I'm a Blogoholic

10 Things You Dont Know About Bird

1. I love lilacs

2. I used to put peanut butter on my toes

3. The first time i voted i think i made a mistake and voted for "the other guy"

4. I hate the water because i almost drowned as a kid

5. I like chocolate but because of too many "brownies" i cant eat chocolate cake

6. Clue is one of my favorite movies...yes, the one based on the board game

7. I have never won a game of clue...ever..but I will kick your ass at trivial

8. I've gotten to try on a stanley cup ring....twice

9. I've been to paradise but I've never been to me

10. My favorite book is Count of Monte Cristo, but I hate the sandwich of the same name

Friday, October 21, 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Unleashing SHF

I'm stoked to say that I have completed ver 1.0 of SHF and hope someone, somewhere, somehow, will come by and share there successful failures. The goal is to put the failures of life in a positive light.

Or at least that's what the Cambodian midget in my head keeps tellin' me.

Hi Bird. Peas be near you.

Radio Teletype

Radio teletype (RTTY) is one of the coolest sounds transmitted in my opinion.

RTTY is the method of transmitting text over RF. As letters from a keyboard are typed, a different sequence of data bits are sent, and the 'noise' as it sounds like, are each letter being transmitted. It dates back to over 50 years ago, and is a much slower process of transmitting information over the air. But the great thing is, is that I'm not alone. It's heard all of the time on TV and movies. In fact, last night on The E Ring, there was a scene where a Marine took his iPod, connected a paper clip to two 'test points' and then using the button on the front, began to broadcast CW aka Morse code, from his iPod. Then, at the Pentagon, there was a radio with a spectrum analyzer, and instead of hearing this CW, they hear RTTY which is NOT CW. Now, the assumption is made that they are receiving this signal from a base near the Marine, but it's still RTTY to the Pentagon. C'mon, seriously, they're not gonna broadcast that crap over RTTY unencrypted RF. But the real point is, that they as TV / Movie producers (more to the point) the audio guys, dig the sound of RTTY. It's just a fact that it's a lot cooler than most other RF sounds, cause it sounds 'tech'.

[Updated 12:00 anti-meridian 23 October 2005]
If you in fact would like to hear it, check it out here or here